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10 Best AI Tools For Designers 2024

  • Rupak
  • December 9, 2023
  • 5 min read

Nowadays, choosing the best AI tools for designers is quite challenging. For handling design-related tasks in digital settings, AI has taken over for sure. Often creative designers in handling diverse tasks need some extra hand in performing their job. That’s what this AI tool does. While these tools for designing offer some free services, they do ask for some partial charges for additional functions. Let’s skip to the main part. Here are the top 10 AI tools for designers that we can predict will rule over the digital world in the next year 2024.


For today’s designers, Canva is among the most convenient tools. Some of the designs are free. For others, you need to pay the charges to access the advanced features. Its user-friendly interface has opened the door to new possibilities. Canva’s exclusive feature of a text-to-image generator is great. You don’t have to spare hours for creating visual content, as within minutes you can create a masterpiece by selecting a style and text prompts. Check below some of the features of Canva as a free AI design tool.

Key Features

  • There are multiple editing scopes for improving the resolution, fixing the lights, saturation, etc.
  • Already given premade styles
  • Includes a magic edit/ eraser, and a magic write-text generator
  • Exclusive kits to create custom color palettes
  • Collaborate with real-time designs


  • Canva is available for free users but with certain limitations. You can have 250K free templates, customizations, restricted magic edits, and up to 5GB of cloud storage
  • As a pro user, you can select monthly or yearly packages of $5.9/- or $47.9 respectively a year


Vista Create (Crello)

Formerly known as Crello, Vista Create is for those who are watching out for vast options. For obvious reasons, Vista Create is hand-picked as the popular AI design tools among professionals. It arrives with a user-friendly interface that functions for both beginners and professionals. The AI tool helps with design element suggestions, layouts, versatile text styles serving contents of various genres, etc.

Key Features

  • Huge collection of designed templates
  • The drag-and-drop functions with a simple interface
  • AI has chosen recommendations for designs
  • Video editing and animating features are available
  • Downloading the results in different file formats and extensions


  • Free versions are available for up to 50K+ design templates and 10 GB storage for files
  • The paid version charges $10 a month but can be filed yearly with unlimited offerings



Next in our series of AI tools for designers, comes Pixlr, which deserves hands down for creativity and photograph innovations. The Pixlr application provides advanced image editing options alongside a single-click visual creator photomask studio. Besides that, you can enable each photo click for thumbnails, profile pics, product images, etc. You can choose from a wide range of brochures, business cards, banners, etc.

Key Features

  • You can create collages and layouts using AI-powered tools
  • Comes with a variety of styles, filters, and effects
  • You can insert captions with typography and text features
  • Comes with a User-friendly interface


Pixlr has a free version. Also, you can choose from plus, premium, or team options. Every month will charge you $1.99, $7.99, and $12.99 respectively.


Dall-E 2

To match user preferences, some of the best AI design tools 2024 are constantly updating themselves. Dall-E 2 should be counted among those tools. The E 2 is an updated version of  Dall-E and an AI-based photo generator. Using the designing tool you can create realistic images with text prompts. You can design wider images based on different styles along with precise zooming-in options. Thanks to the AI partnership it can replace objects from an image if given prompts.

Key Features

  • Creates images from text prompts along with variations for image output
  • Can design copyright-free images
  • Assists in merging styles, attributes, and concepts
  • Out-painting and in-painting, are both available


The pricing for the AI tools is based on per image. That is

  • 256*256 resolution will charge $0.016
  • 512*512 resolution charges $0.018
  • 1024*1024 resolution charges $0.020



Those looking for one-stop comprehensive AI tools for designers would adore BeFunky for what it does. Originally serving the purpose of graphic designing, the app has enough capabilities and side-by-side features. The designing tool is accessible for diverse operating systems. Simply download the app and use it for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android devices.

Key Features

  • Handles all editing tasks such as cropping, and resizing images
  • Helps to erase background and photo touch-ups
  • Part of digital art creations
  • Ideal for transforming photos into art or cartoons


  • Even though the platform offers some free services, to unleash its full capabilities some price-related operation is needed
  • There are $11.99 yearly and $5.99 monthly packages available



Some of the best AI design tools 2024 will travel you to some virtual tour, and that’s what Fotorama surely does. The photo generator creates AI-based portraits and offers realistic professional headshots and yearbook collections. You can dream yourself to be in some alternative real-world scenarios using the platform.

Key Features

  • Next-level advanced high-quality AI headshots
  • Creates portrait photos for social media platforms, personal profiles, portfolios, and more
  • Easy to create headshots
  • Automatic facial recognition, skin tone optimization, and related features


The pricing for Fotorama is reasonable at $9.99. You can also enjoy some of the free features using the tool.



For all the perplexed minds, when it comes to choosing the right color palette, simply rely on Khroma for that. Unlike other free AI design tools, Khroma helps in narrowing the perfect palette choices for the users. It’s a customized, must-have-on-list sort of, graphic designing tool. You can pick from hundreds of human-made palettes to select your ideal color combination.

Key Features

  • Comes with some trained algorithm
  • Pick your color for palettes, typography, gradient, and images
  • Save your favorite
  • There are handy generator filters


No such charges are needed, it’s a free designer tool with extensive color options.



You will find only hand-counted web-based AI design tools, and Photopea is one of them. Inspired by Photoshop layouts, it will open and edit raw files, PSD files, or export other related files. What’s fascinating about the design tool is its importing style of ABR files for customizing brushes. It won’t feel like a web app with frequent notifications and other heads-ups. You will feel refreshed by using such a convincing editing app for sure.

Key Features

  • It can open and edit raw files
  • Layer-style windows and other web-based additional menus are available
  • Unlimited online file storage for the paid version


Other than the basic free version, if you pay $8 monthly for the premium plan you can have unlimited online storage. All that is available ad-free.



For blurry image setups and poor-resolution pictures, the VanceAI tool can be your savior. Using the VanceAI app, you can study the image in depth and ultimately sharpen the image. This photo enhancer app has an edge over other AI design tools for its deep learning techniques.

Key Features

  • Free from any extra steps, simply works by uploading images
  • Gets rid of image noises and blurriness
  • Simple UI design and fast processing
  • The tool is fully automatic


There are four plans where each image has 1 credit. They are as follows:

  • $4.95 per 100 credits.
  • $7.95 per 200 credits.
  • $12.95 for 500 credits.
  • $17.95 for 1000 credits.



If you are looking for some reasonably less pricey platforms, then count upon the Vecteezy AI tools for designers. You can expect refreshing original creations along with easy access to designers making edits to the chosen media for free. However, some of the best features of the AI tool are behind the paywall.

Key Features

  • You can download many free images alongside the attribution
  • Simply designed interface for users
  • Allows widespread changes and additions to images including texts, color modifications, background removal, etc.


  • Like other AI-based designing tools, Vecteezy offers both free and pro plans
  • For paid ones, the editing price starts from $9 to $14 monthly. You can also expect discounts on annual billings


Therefore, the above 10 AI designer tools can be predicted with added popularity for the coming 2024. Alongside their versatile services for different purposes, they have an edge over other competitive AI tools for their user-friendly interface. Even for free plans, there are attractive editing and designing features that are simply unmissable. Let us know your favorite from the list too!


| Blogger | Digital Marketer | Content Writer | 🌟 I'm Rupak, a Passionate digital marketer, seasoned blogger, and content writer with over 5 years of expertise. My aim 🎯 is to empower small businesses and startups through tailored niche strategies aimed at fostering growth and success.

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