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10 Best Podcast Tips For Beginners 2024

  • Admin
  • November 25, 2023
  • 6 min read

Successful podcast tips for beginners are a long game if you want to start a podcast in 2024. Today’s media is evolving and is opening diverse opportunities for expressing your voice. Podcasting as a multimedia platform is wisely chosen nowadays. Unlike long hours of videos or news broadcasts, podcast content is short and crisp.

The podcaster should know how to share their message in fewer words. Moreover, due to audiences’ generic bias towards visuals, it needs patience for the podcaster to create a loyal fan base. But not anymore! Stay tuned to learn about the top 10 successful tips to run podcast episodes.

What Are Podcasts?

Podcasts are spontaneous digital mediums, so you must learn some tips for podcast success that will appeal to today’s audiences. Podcasts are a brand new invention to the multimedia world. The term podcast itself came to light as recently as 2004, and since then it has gone through several modifications. Many confuse podcasts with radio shows and according to many of us, it’s like old wine in new bottles! But podcasts have some upper hand over boring radio series. Unlike radio shows, podcasts discuss more thematic narrowed-down topics. So, for listeners before joining your podcasts, they already have an idea about the theme.

Where To Post The Podcasts?

Nowadays there are many streaming platforms where podcasters can post for free. You can also upload your podcast on audio-reading apps. Some popular podcast mediums include Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Acast, Podomatic, etc. There are many such apps, so keep on creating content and post there and influence your listeners.

Here Are The 10 Best Tips For Your Podcast Success

You must understand your target audiences for the podcast, and then apply these smart tricks to become successful. Check out below:

Be An Enthusiastic Narrator

Unlike radio-broadcasted news, podcasts should be engaging. As a podcaster, you should connect with the audience and that’s what matters. Nothing works better than telling stories. These simple podcast tips for beginners are not a big deal to follow. All you have to do is create a context, purposefully come up with challenging twists, and then address those challenges. These motivating stories with resolutions create neurological responses in the listener’s mind, which they will remember for a long time. So, here’s the three-step formula-

  • Build a contextual setup
  • Come up with confrontations
  • Present practical resolutions. And that’s all!

Bonus Tip: If possible share stories with audiences based on true events. It will motivate them more.


Bring Your Personal Experiences

Once people know you better they will take an interest in your podcast chats. While speaking about any topic, sometimes you have to fill in gaps. You can’t be monotonous or add information in one go. Your experiences will bridge in otherwise impersonal speeches. But here are some impromptu tips for podcast success.

  • Remember, even though you are bringing in personal experiences, don’t speak out of the box. Come up with relevant ones
  • Be consistent with your core theme

Bonus Tip: Maintain perfect balance. Don’t turn the conversation only about you. That will be worse in fact!


Your Podcast Must Clarify Your Audience

Reach the audiences organically and that’s not only among successful podcast tips but should be your motto. Many of your listeners may have a perplexed mindset, want to talk to someone, or need some help. To them, you can contribute immensely. You should present actionable content with clarity for the audiences on what to do next in challenging times. For instance, if your podcast is about youths and startups, you can share practical ideas, and what to do next. Or if you are talking about mental health then speak more about how to come out of the shell, where to take help, whom to speak with, etc.

Bonus Tip: Don’t puzzle them with complex concepts. It’s better to talk about simple but relevant topics that your audiences can comprehend.


Include Your Audience Too!

The fun about podcasts is that there’s enough scope for open-ended discussions even though it’s a one-way medium. You can ask your audience some situational questions and come up with their opinions in the upcoming episodes. Including your audience’s opinion in your show has two benefits. Firstly, it raises the audience’s curiosity for the next episode, and secondly, gives you enough topics to cover your episode.

Bonus Tip: Reach out to your listeners by sharing details about your social media handles. These will make the communication more personalized.


Share Your Audio Time With Experts

As a part of the podcast tips for beginners, don’t forget to invite experts periodically to your show. When you invite niche-based experts, they see the particular subject differently and also help audiences to have unique perspectives on things. Also, professional podcast speakers who are experts in the field know how to keep the content engaging and lively.

Bonus Tip: That’s not the end of your responsibility. Research the expert’s expertise beforehand so you can ask them intelligent or to-the-point questions. It’s like the absolute opportunity for you (representing your audience) can’t miss!


Listen To Your Guests Sharply

Understandably, you have structured your discussion points with the guests, but don’t piss them off! Many mediocre interviewers or podcasters interrupt while their guests are speaking. That’s clearly not a good gesture and while recording the audio it will irritate your listeners. As a smart move, patiently but sharply listen to your experts and only then counter them if necessary. As long as you have invited knowledgeable and relevant guests it’s also your responsibility to listen to them first. Based on their responses you can plan follow-up episodes.

Bonus Tip: Based on the responses of your knowledgeable guests, you can plan follow-up episodes.


Never Compromise With Audio Quality

Technicalities matter even more than you can assume in the case of multimedia platforms. Among the best podcast tips from our end, is always to recheck the audio quality. Remember that your audience will judge your content based on what they are listening to. If there are frequent audio glitches and they miss points, then they will give up on you! Use quality mics and recording setups for that. Adjust the mic in the right position before it starts to record.

Bonus Tip: Other than your microphone, learn to be comfortable with your natural tone. Talk in a relaxing way, without a high pitch but in a moderately soft tone.


Post Transcripted Episodes

Not known to many podcasters, posting transcriptions along your episodes is valuable to SEO. You can have an added advantage with these transcriptions. Other than hearing your podcasts, your listeners will very easily discover the podcast by searching for the information covered on your show. By sharing extra info to crawl, there are more chances for your podcast to hit the search results and expand your audience scale. Besides all that, visually impaired audiences will benefit from the transcripts.

Bonus Tip: There are many transcription apps available these days, to make your job easy!


Don’t Overexpress

One of the most important podcast tips for beginners is to be yourself even in over-excited recording times. It’s understandable that while wearing a mouthpiece and all the recording setup is done, you can have some extra zeal for podcasting, but stay in your skin.

Bonus Tip: Try not to exaggerate facts or unnecessarily bring out any made-up personality of yours. Be you without getting carried away and that’s what makes the audience relatable to you.


Find Your Right Target Audience

Lastly, the most usual as well as the difficult one is to understand your audience. Once you decide on your niche then narrow down your audience base. This will help you to personalize the content as per their tastes. Don’t try to please everyone but to specifics. It’s natural that in the initial days, you may find it difficult to identify your target audience, but take it easy! Follow these successful podcast tips to find your target audiences-

  • Review your podcasts and have an idea of who listens to your episodes the most
  • Categorize them by criteria like age, profession, gender, community, etc. (Two or more criteria will intersect but that’s fine!)
  • Take opinions from experienced podcasters about the same

Bonus Tip: Once you find your target audience, then work on more such topics that will serve them. If necessary you can take reviews from them too, where and how to improve. Continuously try to add better input before counting on maximum output from your loyal fan base.


What To Avoid?

Other than the above best podcast tips, you should also know what to avoid in your podcast shows, below:

  • Never entertain false narratives
  • Any kind of hateful speech, or abusive terms should not be included. Even if your content has them, don’t forget to give a heads-up!
  • Try not to promote an idea or brand directly
  • Avoid long sentences and speak in simple language for audience clarity
  • Don’t keep on shooting unnecessary facts

As a creative podcaster, your entire discussion should proceed candidly. It may include witty comments, jokes, or the necessary humor, and not only formal speeches. Maintaining your position as a podcaster is not a cakewalk, that’s true. But you can take your podcast to new heights by following these above tips. All these tips are about building audiences organically and not wasting their valuable time in my way.


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