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Top 10 Best Job Oriented Courses For 2024

  • Abhisekh Biswas
  • November 1, 2023
  • 7 min read

Finding job oriented courses is not an easy task for any candidate especially when the point comes to career. In this competitive job market, only those who possess the right set of skills can pursue their dream job position. However many of us are confused about choosing the appropriate career path. This article will guide you through the most suitable career-oriented courses for 2024. The demand in the coming years for these skill-relevant courses will only rise without any predictable downfall. Stay with us till the end to learn about the top ten courses with their eligibility criteria, course fees, and more.

1) Data Science

Opting for Data Science career courses is one of the wisest decisions you would make. Data scientists do intensive research on data by using different statistical approaches. In the job market, it’s a demanding field because using data science, organizations around the world strive towards perfection by reducing possible risks. By analyzing the ongoing trends, data scientists can have a superior understanding of data. Top global MNCs hire data science students for job profiles including data mining, data scientist, machine learning engineer, etc.


Duration: Data Science degree courses span 3-4 years. For shorter job courses, it can be within 6 months to 1 year long.

Eligibility: Anyone who comes from a STEM (Science, Tech, Engineering,  and Mathematics)  background can pursue short and long-term degree courses. For graduation or diploma courses:

  • 50% marks in 10+2 along with basic knowledge of math, statistics, and programming.
  • For diploma or postgraduate courses, the candidate should complete graduation in science or engineering with a 50% aggregate in mathematics, science, CS, or IT

Course Fee (approx): Rs. 2.5 L to Rs. 40 L for varying degree courses.

Salary (P/A): Rs. 10 L to Rs. 15 L.

2) Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is one of those trendy professional courses recently pursued by large numbers of fresh graduates. In simple words, if you are finding relatable online advertisements or emails catering to your needs, then a team of skilled digital marketers is behind it. Digital Marketing is proving more demanding for every industry because it helps to reach brands to their target customers. Cost-effectively, digital marketing helps to boost client company sales. Once you are certified with digital marketing job-oriented courses, you can begin your career as a social media marketer, SEO professional, sales expert, content marketing expert, etc.


Duration: The basic digital marketing course lasts for 1-3 months. Advanced courses may span for up to 6-12 months. You can also enroll for a crash course which may take up to 1-2 months at max.

Eligibility: Eligibility is based on the level of the digital marketing course. For basic or crash courses:

  • Candidates must complete their high school (10+2) degree with 50-60% from any stream
  • Graduation with at least 50-55% aggregate
  • Basic computer understanding
  • Proficiency in English ( In the case of advanced courses, professional sales or marketing experience may also be required)

Course Fee (approx): Varies from Rs. 15K to Rs. 100K in one year.

Salary (P/A): May range between Rs. 3 L to Rs. 8 L max.

3) Artificial Intelligence

The present age is all about AI, so any career courses related to Artificial Intelligence will help you to land your dream job. Studying Artificial Intelligence will help you develop systems that will boost human thinking as well as behavior. Along with the complex interaction of humans and technology, AI will help in solving critical problems and taking up important decisions with more efficiency. As a certified AI student, you can apply for job profiles including business intelligence developer, computer vision specialist, AI product manager, robot scientist,  etc.


Duration: While diploma or degree courses would take up to as long as 2-4 years.  Short AI job-oriented courses can span from 6 months to 1 year.

Eligibility: To apply for AI courses from reputed institutions, you should fulfill the following eligibility criteria:

  • Completed high secondary degree with min. 60% of the science stream
  • Minimum 50% in bachelor’s degree. Graduation with subjects like computer science, IT, or STEM subjects
  • Knowledge of programming languages including Java and Python

Course Fee (approx): Can vary between Rs. 20K to Rs. 200K.

Salary (P/A): Rs. 3.5L to Rs. 12L max.

4) Fashion Designing

Those who relate to the fashion and glamour industry can think about a much-needed fashion designing certification course. Fashion Design vocational degrees are in demand both in India and abroad likewise. Most studies have found that more than 60% of individuals completing fashion designing courses are either self-employed or work in collaboration with top designers and global firms. As a fashion designer, you can learn about child’s garments,  formal wear design, handbags, sportswear, and other fashion expertise. Your targeted job roles will include textile designer, fashion illustrator, pattern cutter, garment technologist, etc.


Duration: There are diploma courses for 6 months to 1 year. Undergraduate courses for 3 to 4 years and Postgraduate degree courses for 1-2 years.

Eligibility: The eligibility criteria to take admission in fashion designer courses depend on course providers.

  • The candidate should pass the class 12 board examination with at least 50% aggregate
  • Cleared entrance examination like the NIFT entrance exam
  • Have an artistic mindset

Course Fees (approx): Varies in between Rs. 50K to Rs. 600K per year.

Salary (P/A): It ranges between Rs. 2.5L to Rs. 20L.

5) Mobile App Development

If you share interests in programming language and also possess some advanced cybernetic skills, then you can think to begin your career in mobile app development. Those who fall short of time can also enroll in a useful crash course on mobile application design. The course curriculum would train you in app development considering the Android, iOS, UI, and UX standards. You would be in charge of coding applications, debugging, testing, and app monitoring. Any IT company will hire you as a backend developer, coding expert, security developer, app designer, project manager, etc. Also, you can think about starting your startup.


Duration: There are short-term job-oriented courses for 4-6 months. Or can pursue a bachelor’s or diploma degree spanning between 2-4 years.

Eligibility: For diploma or bachelors course in mobile app development-

  • Applicants must complete their 10+2 in any stream but preferably from a science background
  • Students of IT, Computer Science, Applications, etc can apply

Course Fee (approx): Rs. 15K to Rs. 300K max.

Salary (P/A): The salary package ranges between Rs. 2L to Rs. 7L.

6) Web Development

Web development is another of the prospective career-oriented 100% job guarantee courses in the present times. Students are trained in intricate coding art and aim for advanced and secured website production. The beginner course starts with basic HTML page guidance and also includes variables like web designing, programming, and overall database management. As a web developer, you can progress your career as a programmer, or designer for sites, or can also consider teaming up with your clients on a freelance basis.


Duration: There are web development crash courses that take 1-2 months. You can seek degree courses for 1-3 years.

Eligibility: If you want to enroll for a bachelor’s or diploma degree, then abide by the eligibility criteria including:

  • Passed 10+2 exam from an acknowledged board (any stream)
  • Completed bachelor’s degree with 50% aggregate minimum
  • May qualified entrances like NIFT, UCEED, SEED, UID, etc.

Course Fee (approx): Rs. 10K to Rs. 200K max.

Salary (P/A): In between Rs. 2L to Rs. 5L.

7) Graphics Designing

If you have a creative mind and want to engage in some artistic job roles, then you should opt for a graphic designing course. Once you advance in the Graphic designing career courses, you will be hired by reputed designers and corporate companies. To become a successful graphic designer, you have to complete short-term courses, long-term diplomas, or undergrad/ postgraduate courses. You can look for career options including IT web designer, Graphic expert, art designer, illustrator, creative director, animator, etc after finishing the course tenure.


Duration: For degree courses, it can last for 3-4 years.

Eligibility: The eligibility of the graphic design depends on the provider of the course. For undergrads courses, eligibility includes:

  • Must have completed the 10+2 examination
  • Basic computer degree certification
  • Qualified for the entrance examinations, if any

Course Fee (approx): Rs. 25K to Rs. 300K yearly.

Salary (P/A): The salary package varies from Rs. 2L to Rs. 6L.

8) Game Development

Game designing businesses are flourishing globally with more and more teenage students opting for the career path. Through game development job-oriented courses you would have a basic understanding of game design concepts. You can continue for both regular and open-distance modes for game development courses. The career pathways for game development aspirants are quite broad. You can think of becoming an AI game developer, game artist, game illustrator, game programmer, etc.


Duration: Short-term or diploma courses span from 6 months to 1 year. For academic degree courses, it takes up to 3 years.

Eligibility: A game-developing aspirant from any stream should complete their 10+2 from an acknowledged board.

Course Fee (approx): Rs. 100K to Rs. 400K approx.

Salary (P/A): It varies between Rs. 2.5L to Rs. 14L.

9) Event Management

In a festive country like India, event management always remains among the most trending short-term job-oriented courses. As an event management professional, you would organize both formal and informal events like birthdays, naming ceremonies, weddings, etc. In the entire course tenure, you will learn about time management, aesthetic sense, and grand arrangements. From diploma-certified courses to a Masters’ in event management, it’s an evergreen field to pursue your career. You will be responsible for designing, promoting, planning, and coordinating formal as well as informal meetings.


Duration: Diploma course spans 1 year, Undergraduate degree for 3 years, and MBA in event management for 2 years.

Eligibility: To enroll for an event management diploma, the basic eligibility criteria should be fulfilled:

  • Passing class 12 in any stream from any known board

Those who want to seek an MBA in event management require:

  • Completion of Graduation and Post Graduation in Event Management or related fields
  • Qualified for the entrance examination ( like CAT, MAT, XMAT, etc)

Course Fee (approx): Rs. 30K to Rs. 900K max.

Salary (P/A): In between Rs. 3.5L to Rs. 7L.

10) Business Analytics

Another demanding field is that of business analytics. If you hunting for 100% job guarantee courses with lucrative salaries, then consider this path. Top brands are hiring business analytic experts to help them make smart moves. As an expert in the field, you will be expected to convert structured business-related data by adding some strategic inputs. Such critical insights help the company evaluate the weak points of different branches and key areas. Once you become certified in business analysis, you can apply for leading job profiles including project manager, data architect, info security analyst, chief data officer, etc.


Duration: some of the best business analyst career or crash courses are completed within 1 year.

Eligibility: Even though there are no such specific academic prerequisites, some desirable requirements are-

  • A graduation degree in disciplines like economics, accountancy, finance, business, or IT
  • Have a knack for data and numbers
  • Enough knowledge of statistics and various methods
  • Possess skills in problem-solving, critical thinking, or thorough research

Course Fee (approx): Rs. 60K to Rs. 300K max.

Salary (P/A): It ranges between Rs. 3 L to Rs. 17 L.

The above ten recommended best career-oriented courses for 2024 would help you to flourish in your career. But before anything else, know your personality and interests, so you can select the right career path for you. You should also consider determinants like course duration, fees, and expected salary package before making the most important decision of your life.

Abhisekh Biswas

I am professional digital marketer and always I love learn something & share my knowledge.

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